Out with the old, in with the new.

I realize that I’m a little late with the whole reminiscing on 2014 and realizing what 2015 holds, but I thought it’s worth the write anyways.  2014 held a lot of negative energy for me.  Beginning the year with the stresses of Greek Sing, going into a summer with my boyfriend in another state, but coming out strong, starting another semester with increasing problems between the boyfriend and I, watching my best friend and little sister in ZTA lose the only parent she has left, her mom, trying for President and not getting elected, and starting to hate my body toward the end of the year.

Looking back all of these negative energies were things that can also bring positive energies.  Greek Sing was a learning experience, long distance relationship I found was something we could conquer, having issues in a relationship is natural and expected and we have been trying to overcome them, watching my little sister lose her mother brought us closer and gave me a new role to play, trying for President and not getting it made me ambitious, and I can change my hate into love.

Finding the good in everything, staying strong through the good and the bad, helping others, loving my body and cherishing life is something that I will strive for for this upcoming year. I am no longer living for one, but I’m living for two, I will live for Cathy.  I will cherish life for Cathy because after every bad day there’s always a rainbow.  Unfortunately, it took losing someone and watching my little lose her mother to realize it.

As for the rest of my problems, I believe that having ambition, trying to run and falling down, fighting for what I believe in, and being there for one of my best friends are all, very simply put just worth it.

I challenge you this new year to try your best to look for the good in everything, cherish the moments, take the extra time to stay up for the sunset, fight for what you believe in, and just go for it! Even if this challenge only lasts until February, just try to keep it more actively in your mind.

Until next time, bloggers!



Everything happens for you, not to you.

Have you ever just looked up at the stars? Just stared and realized their beauty of twinkling in and out.  Tonight there is a meteor shower and a super-moon so I thought it was prime time to go into the hot tub and just embrace the universes beauty.  While sitting in there soaking up the glorious hot water, I felt very at ease with the world and the things going on in my life.

Tonight, I have been faced over and over again with the thought of how relationships function.  I realize that everything isn’t black and white.  People change and evolve throughout the years and sometimes you have to work on the relationship in order to make it last.  But there is a very thin line between working on the relationship and settling in the relationship.    I’ve seen more friends of mine than I can count that settle in their relationship with their significant other, I’ve settled myself.  For me, I didn’t realize I had settled until afterwards when it slapped me in the face.  It was this immense feeling of ease that rushed over me once I had cut the cords for good and that’s not how it should be.  But I didn’t comprehend that during the relationship.  It was my normal.  Settling for being his mom, rather than his girlfriend was my normal.

But tonight as I was looking up at the magnificent sky I had this sudden consciousness that everything simply happens for you, NOT to you.  And that while I 150% believe that no woman, or man should ever settle, I equally believe that everything that happens, happens for you, not to you.  So I took a step back from my day to day struggles and applied that to my life.  My relationships.  And I took that fine line and crossed it, back and forth, between working on my relationship and settling.  I think it’s important that you can make that distinction, during and after any relationship.  Are you helping them grow, while putting yourself down or helping them grow while pulling yourself up?  That is a very important question and I think you know the answer.

Let me clarify.  The woman or man that verbally or physically abuses you is not the one that you should be settling for.  However, it is the one whom needs to grow up a little, but needs a little push in order to make that happen, that you should should settle for, in the sense that you are helping them grow, while growing yourself.

I encourage you to point out why certain aspects in your relationship don’t work.  Speak your mind and be blunt because you get one life.  One chance to make relationships work.  One MOMENT.  And then it’s gone.  POOF!  And I do not want to hear any could have, should have, would haves.  I want to live in the moment.  Taking in everything that is going on in my day to day and realizing that it is happening for me.  For me to grow.  For me to evolve.  For me to help others.  Whatever the purpose is, it will find me.  For everything I am seeking, is already seeking me.

With this meteor shower and super-moon going on, try and let go of what no longer serves you so that you can make room for everything that will serve you.  It’s a beautiful thing that happens when you let go of all that holds you back and you invite the room to be filled with the intelligent, beautiful, perfect person that you are.  I hope you see a shooting star tonight!

The light in me honors and cherishes the beautiful light in each and everyone of your beautiful souls.


Life is a beautiful memory.

Today I passed through Facebook like any normal Thursday morning and ran across someone that I went to high school with.  We swam together a little bit and I never really got to know him, but I genuinely regret that.  He has been traveling across the world for the a long time now and it is incredible all of the experience he has had that he shares with the rest of the Facebook users.  This morning as I was reading his blog I realized how truly young I am.  Has it ever struck you that life is all a memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quick you hardly catch it going?  Have you ever realized that an hour ago is technically qualified as a memory?  An hour ago I was in my boyfriends pajama pants, a big t-shirt, sucking down my morning ritual coffee and scrolling through Facebook and that is my memory of my Thursday morning in mid July.  

His blog post however was about how young he is and how young our generation is and how eager 90% of our generation is to settle down, get a job, complete school, get married, have a family.  How eager we are to become our parents.  Soon, our high school years will become a memory, our college years a memory, our first day at our real job, a memory.  I can’t fathom that.  It truly hit me hard. 

I have always been one with wanderlust.  Just haven’t had the means to do it.  But I think that he brought up a valid point.  I myself have been thinking since my freshman year in college, when we had our first promise ring ritual in my sorority, “gosh, I can’t wait until I get a promise ring and I get to have a ritual just for me.” How eager I am to grow up, get a promise ring, get married.  As wonderful as all of those experiences will be, what’s the rush?  Why not take a year off before getting a real job and going to Bali, France, Ireland, Australia, Thailand, Turkey, Iceland, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Fiji?  Drink green tea every morning, see the sights that there are to see, live out of a backpack and just be in the moment constantly.  I want to do yoga under the Eiffel Tower and go to an Ashram in India. Become a yoga instructor.  Become closer with the Divine.  I want to not be worried about money and time and people around me and just spend time with myself.  Do everything I’ve ever wanted to do just because I can.  I have a body that can get me places and a mind that is ever wandering to see all the greatness in the world.  Why am I not using it?  Why has it taken this long to realize this subtle truth? 

I hope that this awakening will allow me to focus on the present.  Do what I can in the moment.  And to plan for some AMAZING trips.  


Until next time, wanderers.  



Don’t be afraid to free fall

The other day in my yoga class the instructor (who is my favorite instructor) shared a quote with us that really resonated with me. I can’t remember the exact wording, but I hope you’ll get the hint. She said, when life brings you down and you tend to lose your equilibrium and fall, focus on where you have slipped to, rather than that you have fallen at all.

It really stuck to me. I feel often times when something goes wrong and we fall in life we focus on the fact that we have fallen rather than where we have landed. I have actively played a role in my life to try and realize where I have landed when I lose my equilibrium. And within the past week it has brought more joy to my life than I could have ever imagined.
So when you lose your equilibrium and fall through life’s ruts, take a second to think of where you’ve landed and how far you’ve come. This life is beautiful. It should be given the courtesy it deserves.
Namaste ✌️❤️🌳