Out with the old, in with the new.

I realize that I’m a little late with the whole reminiscing on 2014 and realizing what 2015 holds, but I thought it’s worth the write anyways.  2014 held a lot of negative energy for me.  Beginning the year with the stresses of Greek Sing, going into a summer with my boyfriend in another state, but coming out strong, starting another semester with increasing problems between the boyfriend and I, watching my best friend and little sister in ZTA lose the only parent she has left, her mom, trying for President and not getting elected, and starting to hate my body toward the end of the year.

Looking back all of these negative energies were things that can also bring positive energies.  Greek Sing was a learning experience, long distance relationship I found was something we could conquer, having issues in a relationship is natural and expected and we have been trying to overcome them, watching my little sister lose her mother brought us closer and gave me a new role to play, trying for President and not getting it made me ambitious, and I can change my hate into love.

Finding the good in everything, staying strong through the good and the bad, helping others, loving my body and cherishing life is something that I will strive for for this upcoming year. I am no longer living for one, but I’m living for two, I will live for Cathy.  I will cherish life for Cathy because after every bad day there’s always a rainbow.  Unfortunately, it took losing someone and watching my little lose her mother to realize it.

As for the rest of my problems, I believe that having ambition, trying to run and falling down, fighting for what I believe in, and being there for one of my best friends are all, very simply put just worth it.

I challenge you this new year to try your best to look for the good in everything, cherish the moments, take the extra time to stay up for the sunset, fight for what you believe in, and just go for it! Even if this challenge only lasts until February, just try to keep it more actively in your mind.

Until next time, bloggers!